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Wendy Alec

Wendy Alec

Called as a Prophet Evangelist to the media, Wendy is director of television at GOD TV and isresponsible for the network’s unique programming, creative and artistic direction and the distinctiveinnovation of the GOD TV brand.

Her responsibilities include creating new TV visuals and idents with her creative services team;scripting shows; planning GOD TV schedules to miniscule detail with her vision team; creating andediting the GOD TV brand and promotions; commissioning conferences, GOD TV youth programmingand evangelistic campaigns; seeking new anointings in the Body of Christ; and ensuring that GOD TV'scontent captures all that the Lord is saying to His Church in this critical hour.

Wendy is gifted with a remarkable prophetic voice and anointing with a passion for the Church and formedia evangelism. She delivers a clear prophetic message to the Church, and her tremendous heart ofmercy for the broken hearted and for lost souls translates both to television and through her ministry asan author.

She has written several books including: ‘Against all Odds’, which tells the extraordinary story of howGOD TV began; ‘The Journal of the Unknown Prophet’, a widely-acclaimed prophetic revelation ofGod's heart, purposes and plans; and the prophetic evangelistic series, ‘The Chronicles Of Brothers’;which includes ‘The Fall Of Lucifer’ and ‘Messiah’, both of which are available in the UK’s high streets.
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