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Rise Up

Rise Up

By: Cain
Provident Distribution Group 2021

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Product Description

When you pair the phrase-bending, chill-making, sibling harmony with the soft rock sounds we've all been missing since the 70s, you find the magic of CAIN. The sibling band CAIN tows the line between new and nostalgia. Their new release exudes warm, analog tones from some of their influences, such as The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, while not neglecting a crisp, current vocal, making something new altogether. The group has toured all across the US, UK, and Canada, performing at notable festivals such as C2C in London and Cavendish Beach Music Fest, but they feel it was all in preparation for where God was calling them: Christian music.
In a year of uncertainty, CAIN's exuberant personalities and heartfelt songs have radiated through to inspire both listeners and radio personalities. As heard in their #1 debut radio single, CAIN asks their listener to "Rise Up" and trust that God has created the perfect plan for every one of us. Every one of God's children has a purpose and if we listen, He will deliver us from the darkness into the light.


1. Come Forth
2. Rise Up (Lazarus)
3. Revival
4. The Commission
5. Over My Head
6. Hey Jesus
7. Keep Following Jesus
8. So Blessed
9. People Need People
10. Yes He Can

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Provident Distribution Group
  • ISBN-13: 0194398823423
  • UPC: 194398823423
  • SKU: 0194398823423
  • Release Date: May 7, 2021

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