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Journey to the Cross Starter Kit

Journey to the Cross Starter Kit

By: Easter
Group Publishing 2020

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Product Description

Journey to the Cross is a powerfully moving, multi sensory family event that guides people
along the path that Jesus walked during his last days on earth. Activities focused on Jesus' love
and forgiveness demonstrate the real meaning of Easter: our risen Christ 's victory over death!
Designed specifically for parents and their children to experience together, this event teaches
about the life-changing message of the cross in a way that everyone can understand and no one will forget.
Perfect for any size church looking for an inspirational Easter event that engages families with
the spiritual truth that Jesus loves each of us. This kit makes it easy to organize a journey with
step- by-step instructions, volunteer recruiting ideas, sound-effects CDs for each station, and

Kit includes
  • Director Guide
  • Setup Leader Guide
  • Outreach Leader Guide
  • Experience Leader Guide
  • Media Pack including:
  • Publicity CD-ROM
  • 5 Station Sound-Effect CDs
  • Access Code for Digital Content
  • Sample Pack including:
  • Follow-up Foto Frame
  • Family time Devotions Booklet
  • Journey to the Cross Collector Card
    5-card Sampler pack
  • More Product Information

    • Publisher: Group Publishing
    • ISBN-13: 1210000314031
    • SKU: 1210000314031
    • Release Date: December 17, 2019
    • Language: English
    • Series Name: Journey To the Cross

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